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Dive into a day-long experience to code.

Crafted for designers, you're going to learn how to code user interface designs and think in React. At the end of the day we're going to apply the knowledge by building a web app.

Not a designer? No problem. Come along anyway if you're interested in learning React.

Location May 26 from 10.00 to 18.00

Location Lungadige Galtarossa 21, Verona


Who will teach you


Henrique Alves is an experienced full stack developer. He has been focusing his career on front-end engineering and user experience design. He brings his experience building React products for startups in London.

Why learn with us?

We're not a school. We have a vast experience building digital products and we are still doing it. We’re entrepreneurs, creatives and makers. The lessons are practical and focused on real-world problems.

Why take this workshop?

React became a popular library to build user interfaces by bringing a component driven approach to the workflow. It powers small, medium and big websites like Facebook, Netflix, AirBnB and many others.

This workshop will change the way you see web applications. It will help you design better products by understanding how things works under the hood. Not to mention the freedom you’ll experience when prototyping your own UI components.

What's included?

Paid workshops includes the training and light refreshments for the day.

Everyone is welcome

The workshop was made having designers in mind but everyone is welcome. If you're a student, product manager or a baker you're more than welcome to join us.

Is one day enough?

We have carefully compiled the right dose of information which will give you a good foundation. It's about empower designers by teaching them how to understand and handle the tools. From there you decide which new tools do you want to learn and what to build upon this foundation.


We want to facilitate the growth of a diverse tech community. We believe other places should benefit from having access to the same events as the big tech hubs does.

Any requirements?

Previous coding experience is not required. Basic HTML and CSS experience is helpful, but not necessary.

Bring along a laptop, power charger and an open mind. Please install the following free software before class:

Atom, Chrome and Node.js.


  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript basics
  • Building components not pages
  • React components
  • Styling components
  • Fetching data from API
  • Chrome developer tools
  • Coding good practices

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